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  • Standard Filesystem access and SFTP : Common API for maximum compatibility.

  • Extensible Storage : Grows with you

  • Included file sharing

  • Read-only snapshots : file access maintained even during ransomware attack or accidental suppression

  • Multi-datacenter replication : prevents data loss even when a full datacenter is down

  • Public-key authentication : more secure and convenient than passwords.

Use cases

  • Shared network drive / remote work : Use CFS as a shared network drive for your organisation.

  • Backups / Archives : Copy your valuable files on CFS and benefit from automatic snapshots and multi-datacenter replication.

  • Business Continuity Plan : Maintain access to your data even in the middle of ransomware attack with CFS read-only snapshots.

  • Server-side NAS : Replace object storage with a cloud native filesystem compatible storage like CFS for enhanced compatibility, your production storage works like your local hard drive.